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Ailments and treatments

Back problems:

Pain, contractures, impingement, headaches, lumbago, tendinitis, arthritis, arthrosis, meniscopathy, PHS (humero scapular periarthritis), carpal tunnel syndrome, dislocations, stiffness….

Sports injuries:

Sprains, fibrillar tears, trochanteritis, tennis/golf elbow, contusions….


Stroke and cerebral infarction, facial paralysis, Sudeck’s atrophy, peroneal nerve paralysis, sciatic nerve involvement, fibromyalgia, Morton’s neuroma, N. trigeminalis.


Edemas, inflammations, scars, post-operative.

Terapia manual

Manual therapy, Maitland’s Approach

This technique comes from chiropractic and aims to restore the proper functioning of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

It was developed by G.D. and Anne Maitland since 1978.
With scientific studies on biomechanics and its structures he created a methodology and a concept to diagnose the patient and to get an estimation of the adequate treatment. It is important to know what to do, when and for what purpose!

Drenaje linfático

Lymphatic drainage

A massage technique that is performed without cream and with very gentle movements to increase the speed of the lymphatic system and thus reduce oedema (accumulation of fluid).

In the 1950s the lymphatic system was discovered.

Mastectomy patients developed significant oedema in the arm and a technique had to be developed to treat it.

The VODDER technique teaches how to reduce this oedema with manual techniques and bandages.

It is also very useful in the treatment of swelling caused by trauma such as sprains, contusions or post-surgery.

Prótesis de rodilla


There are injuries where surgical intervention is required, such as advanced osteoarthritis, torn ligaments or muscles, calcifications, fractures…

A very interesting area in physiotherapy. We help in early recovery with passive, active and resisted exercises to improve mobility and musculature.

With manual techniques, such as massage or lymphatic drainage, a reduction of pain or discomfort is achieved. It also improves circulation in the area and creates vascularisation, which improves recovery and connective tissue growth.

I have experience in treating hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulder replacements, cruciate ligament ruptures, supraspinatus muscle ruptures, elbow fractures, etc.

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